GMI Laser III Easy


GMI Laser III Easy is a laser bridge cutting/engraving system ideal for cutting embroidery appliques for clothing, cutting embroidery fragments, engraving synthetic fabrics and other laser-cut embroidery decorations. This bridge laser system can be installed on any embroidery machines, fabric rolling/unrolling machines and work tables, speeding up the production process.

Main features

  • 100% Engineered and built by GMI srl. (Italy);
  • Customizable bridge length and space-saving structure;
  • Top quality 100w CO2 laser sources and two-axis galvo heads (made in USA and EU): reliable, stable and safe;
  • Cutting area 300×300mm and as wide as the embroidery machine frame (X);
  • Brushless motors to move the laser unit on the bridge with high acceleration, speed and prompt stop;
  • Smooth running, self-lubricating rack that does not need maintenance.
  • Software (Stilista 3 Laser Driver Plus) for cutting control with new advanced features, which increases the machine's performance (supplied separately);
  • Innovative and CE certified safety devices.

GMI Laser III Easy


Fix Cut Table: work table to cut and engrave fabrics, while the embroidery machine is doing other work. Grid table with smoke extraction (connected to the central aspirator). Working area: 600×600 or 2500×600mm.

Automatic Cut Table: work table to cut and engrave fabrics, while the embroidery machine is doing other work. The automatic “Y” movement allows to process on the whole area, with every set field of the “Variable Field” system. Grid table with smoke extraction complete with additional aspirator. Working area: 2500×1000 mm.

Rolling/Unrolling Machine: rolling/unrolling system to cut and processing with cuts, holes and micro-holes in fabric rolls up to 3.2m.

LS1 Sensors: patented device for automatic calibration of the laser beam in relation to the embroidery machine.

Arms for Tubular Machine: tubular frame supporting arm, to keep the frame perpendicular to the laser beam and get the correct laser calibration.

Arms for Sequin Devices