The GMI Laser III GT/GTD model has two heads and a double cutting area and is ideal for those who want to use laser technology on two or more opposing Schiffli machines. The laser unit is placed on a custom bridge or suspended structure and the laser beam, properly adjusted, can cut the appliqué without perforating the base fabric. The final result combines embroidery with laser cutting or engraving, for a great effect and extreme precision.

Main features

  • 100% Engineered and built by GMI srl. (Italy);
  • Customizable bridge length and space-saving structure;
  • It can be installed on one or more Schiffli machines and also in tandem;
  • Top quality laser sources and galvo heads (made in USA and EU): reliable, stable and safe;
  • Large working area, up to 600×600mm on GT bridge and 1200×600 on GTD bridge;
  • Brushless motors to move the laser unit on the bridge with high acceleration, speed and prompt stop;
  • Smooth running, self-lubricating rack that does not need maintenance.
  • Software (Stilista 3 Laser Driver Plus) for cutting control with new advanced features, which increases the machine's performance (supplied separately);
  • Innovative and CE certified safety devices.



Roller Kit: rolling/unrolling system to engrave and cut rolls of fabric.